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Premier90X Surface Protection - Premier Fitness Service

Introducing Premier90X Surface Protection, the first of its kind to equip surfaces with a lasting barrier of anti-microbial protection. Invisible to the eye, a micro-war is occurring with surfaces being continually cleaned, then left immediately exposed to re-contamination. Premier90X is bio-guard solution which protects treated surfaces for up to 90 days. This technology activates a blanket of micro-carbon spikes which cover surfaces, laying evenly spaced prongs that impale the outer cell wall of bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

Independent studies have shown Premier90X to be effective against salmonella, e-coli, listeria, noro virus, and a wide range of bacterial and viral contaminants.

Typical disinfectants kill viruses and bacteria within 10 minutes, but once the product dries, there’s no
further protection. The cleaned surface is now ready to be re‐contaminated. Imagine someone wiping
and disinfecting a surface every time new microbes contaminate it.
Premier90X™ is not a replacement for existing disinfecting protocols but serves as the primary level of
defense against germs, odors, mold, and mildew. Our unique coating technology contains an EPA
approved bacteriostatic (EPA Reg #83129‐1) as it kills without poison and will not leach off treated
surfaces or create super bugs.
The first and foremost thing to remember about Premier90X™ is that by treating a surface, Premier
Fitness Service in no way is making a health claim that someone will not get a virus, or that we can
cure anybody from getting a virus by treating their surroundings. It is also important to remember
that Premier90X™ contains an EPA registered bacteriostatic, meaning that it protects surfaces from
contamination after it has been applied, and not as a biocidal agent that kills viruses on contact.

“Our community loves the protection we get from Premier90X! We use on everything from office furniture, fitness equipment and pool furniture. Highly recommended!”
Isreal G. Pointe Niguel Apartments


Check out our Premier90X Surface Protection Guide here:

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