Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your gym helps to keep your staff and members safe. There are many aspects to consider, but the first and most important is to create a clean and safe environment with preventative measures taking into consideration the new world we now live in. Our experts are trained to determine your facilities unique needs and to share with you the new guidelines as outlined by CDC and other entities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly forced us all to think more about the formation and spread of germs in our everyday lives. Bacteria, viruses, and other germs have always surrounded us, especially in certain settings.

Gyms and other fitness centers are some of the most likely places to contain various germs. As we all know, many people tend to be inside these facilities simultaneously, increasing the likelihood of transmission. Additionally, the act of exercising releases bodily substances (i.e. sweat) that can easily come into contact with others, either directly or indirectly via equipment-sharing. And lastly, the warm, humid environment common in gym settings are prime conditions for a variety of germs, allowing them to linger and thrive more easily.

By implementing a well thought out cleaning and sanitizing process designed for your fitness center equipment, you greatly reduce the amount of harmful contaminants within your facility, thereby lowering the risk of disease transmission. Of course, these cleaning and disinfection programs must be a group effort. Premier’s sanitation protocols are efficient and can support all fitness spaces. This will help your clients to be more comfortable in your facility and fell safe while they participate.